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Telescopic Ladder TLP

EUR 380

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  • Telescopic ladder with air-braking closure that reduces the risk of pinch injuries.
  • Stabiliser for increased side stability.
  • The top arms give you space to grab the top rung so you can hold on while working at the top.
  • Anodized aluminium – Does not stain hands or clothes.
  • Certified according to EN 131.
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Telescopic ladders for professional use, easy to transport and store. They can be used indoors and outdoors. Perfect for service technicians who work in narrow spaces and move around frequently. The stabiliser increases stability and the ladder has a soft closing mechanism that reduces the risk of pinch injuries. The ladder does not need to be pulled out in its full length, meaning you can use it at any length you want. Aluminium provides high durability. The article will be discontinued and replaced with Telesteps 72235-681 Prime 3.5 w. stabilizer WTLP 4.0 SF and 72241-681 Prime 4.1 w. stabilizer


When RISE inspects ladders, it uses European Standard EN 131 as well as the rather more stringent regulations of Swedish Standard SS 2091. These requirements are imposed by the Swedish Work Environment Authority in Regulation AFS 2004:3 to protect your safety. All of our ladders, trestle steps and step stool ladders meet these high requirements and are therefore permitted to carry a label certifying that the ladder has been approved. Our certificate for portable ladders bears the number 102 102 and 1404-17.


Telescopic Ladder TLP

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