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Work Platform TMR

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  • Large platform (490 x 600 mm) with fall protection on all four sides gives you stability and freedom to move so you can work efficiently, ergonomically and safely.
  • Designed with less steep inclination, like a normal stair, makes it the best choice for those who often climb up and down.
  • Sturdy handrails* and 110 mm deep, anti-slip steps for safe and comfortable climbing and wheels for easy movement.
  • For outdoor use, the TMR 3.0 m should be equipped with Outdoor Package (WTB UT TMR 3.0) consisting of support legs and ballast.
  • Approved according to the Work platform standard EN 131-7 and as “Bra arbetsmiljöval” a good choice for safe work, up to level 4.
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A really sturdy and robust work platform in steel and aluminium for safe work at higher heights. Ideal for those who perform installation work, painting or work at a warehouse. Surface treated to prevent staining of hands and clothes.


Work Platform TMR

Work Platform TMR

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