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Trade Scaffolding HS 680

EUR 850

RRP (excl VAT)

  • Max. platform heights: A: 1.1 m, A+R: 1.4 m, A+B: 2.4 m and A+B+C: 4.2 m.
  • Platform (1400 x 600 mm) with non-slip plywood and a hatch.
  • Frame width 680 mm.
  • Approved according to Europeans standard EN 1004, and AFS 2013:4.
  • Load class 3, which is the highest possible.
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Aluminium scaffolding with a smaller format and price for work at lower heights. Can be used indoors and on flat, firm surfaces outdoors. The A-pack only consists of a foldable frame, wheels (125 mm) and a platform. That makes the A-pack extremely easy to assemble and perfectly suited for work in ceilings or along lower facades, it’s also small enough to be transported in a normal car. If you combine the A- and R-packages, you get a safe scaffolding with both guardrails and support legs (platform height 1.4 m and total height 2.4 m). You can also continue to build with the B- and C-package on the A-package for platform heights up to 2.4 and 4.2 meters. C-pack-XR follows the requirements in the Swedish Work Authority regulations AFS 2013:4 and therefore ladders for safer and more comfortable climbing are included.


Trade Scaffolding HS 680

Trade Scaffolding HS 680

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