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Rolling Tower RT 750

  • Extra-safe assembly thanks to 1-metre frames at the bottom which provide protection on two sides when fitting the next section.
  • Cushioned profiles, locking clamps with ergonomic two-finger grip and colour-coded parts for easier transport, handling and assembly.
  • Stable working surface (2.4x0.6 m) with toeboards on the top platform.
  • Can easily be extended to the desired height with extension packs.
  • Accessories: Inclined ladder for safer access.
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Easily-assembled scaffold tower (0.75x2.5 m) with overlapping bracing and smart solutions for safer working in confined spaces. Complete with platform every two metres up to the top, toeboards, adjustable wheels (200 mm) and stablisers.


Our scaffolding is type tested to AFS 2013:4 and approved to Swedish Standard SSHD EN1004, load class 3. Our certificates for scaffolding have the following numbers: SC 1809-12, C900693, C900352.


Rolling Tower RT 750

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