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Step Ladder Fibreglass

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  • The ladder is non-conductive and voltage tested to 30 kV according to EN 61478.
  • The material allows you to work safely even with high voltage applications, such as on overhead line structures or switchgear.
  • Suitable for use in corrosive environments, both in acidic and basic environments.
  • Rectangular side profiles and rungs in fibreglass reinforced polyester make for a stable and hard-wearing ladder.
  • 80 mm deep steps on both sides.
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Ladder made from fibreglass are non-conductive and resistant to acid and chemicals. They are a great choice when you are working with high voltage electricity such as train powerlines or switchgear. Glass-fibre ladders are also suitable for aggressive environments such as chemical industries, food industries, or water treatment plants where aluminium ladders can’t be used due to chemicals or acids. Both the side stiles and steps are made from glass-fibre reinforced polyester with an electrical insulation of 13,5 kW/cm.


Step Ladder Fibreglass

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