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Step stool with rail 5000R+

EUR 582

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  • The rail is foldable so that the step stool is still extremely space efficient in transport.
  • Strong aluminium profiles provides stability without making it heavy.
  • All stair steps measure 250 x 425 mm and have a coarse bi-directional anti-slip pattern.
  • Also available in a version without railing (5000+).
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A stable step stool with a foldable hand rail, extra deep steps and inclination like a regular stair, making it easy to climb up and down. Approved as ”Bra Arbetsmiljöval” a good choice for safe work. A Compact format when folded and a handle, makes it easy to transport and store. The rail gives you better balance, feedback about where you stand and prevents you from stepping down on the wrong side by mistake. The almost straight back allows you to get closer access. Useful in almost any type of environment, building sites, industries, warehouses and stores.


When RISE inspects ladders, it uses European Standard EN 131 as well as the rather more stringent regulations of Swedish Standard SS 2091. These requirements are imposed by the Swedish Work Environment Authority in Regulation AFS 2004:3 to protect your safety. All of our ladders, trestle steps and step stool ladders meet these high requirements and are therefore permitted to carry a label certifying that the ladder has been approved. Our certificate for portable ladders bears the number 102 102 and 1404-17.


Step stool with rail 5000R+

Step stool with rail 5000R+

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