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    Cargo Compartment/Cab Ladder

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      A Box/Cab Ladder allows you to gain easy access to the bodywork of a lorry so that you can operate a cooler unit, for example. This ladder has been manufactured from anodised aluminium to be extra hard-wearing and prevent staining of your hands or clothes. Easily installed on the front edge of the lorry’s box structure using bolts and screws made from acid-resistant stainless steel. It can also be folded together. The rungs are secured to the side profiles by hinged mounts, so that they are concealed when the ladder is folded and lock out at right angles when it is opened up. At the bottom of the outer profile is a special rung to help you get onto the ladder. The ladder can be locked with a padlock to prevent unauthorized access onto the top of your vehicle.


      Cargo Compartment/Cab Ladder

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