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    Escape ladder 120

    EUR 230

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    • Extra escape route.
    • Discreet design on the wall.
    • Can be extended up to 7,2 meters.
    • Easy to fold out.
    • Opens from the top.
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    This fold-out escape ladder is very discreet when it is mounted on the wall and provides an extra escape route which is always good in case of an accident. The ladder measures just 35 x 100 mm when folded, the wall brackets extend an additional 7 mm from the wall. It opens and folds out from the top when you pull out a pin. This means that the ladder can’t be used by unauthorized persons from the ground. 320 mm wide non-slip rungs made from weather-resistant anodized aluminium provide a safe extra escape route. The ladder is modular and consists of a base package that includes a top and bottom ladder with a total length of 2,4 meters. That can be extended with 1.2 meters long middle ladders up to a maximum total length of 7,2 meters. If the ladder is mounted next to a window, the top of the ladder should be aligned with the top of the window and it should end at least 400 mm (no more than 800mm) above the ground in retracted position. Wall mounts and joints are included in all packages, and a wire-equipped pin is included in the base package. The wall construction varies between houses, therefore no bolts for mounting the ladder to the wall are included. Be sure to find out how the walls of your house are constructed and talk to your dealer if you need help with finding the right solution. You need 2 bolts for each wall bracket, 12 bolts are required for the two ladders in the base package and another 6 bolts for each middle ladder.


    Escape ladder 120

    Escape ladder 120

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