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    Escape Ladder 400

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    • Standard wall attachments are included when you buy the ladder and are also available as a spare part if you need a new one. Builds 6 mm out from the wall.
    • If you need to mount the ladder further out from the wall you can replace the standard wall attachments with telescopic wall attachments. Builds 80 - 125 mm out from the wall.
    • The joining kit lets you join two ladders together. You get a joining bracket for each side profile, a rung and nuts and bolts. V400 should not be joined together to lengths exceeding 18 meters. Keep in mind that it will be more difficult to handle and mount at such long lengths.
    • With an apartment divider you can open the ladder and evacuate from another floor along the ladder. You need to divide the outer side profile and drill holes in order to install it.
    • The wall construction varies between houses; therefore no bolts for mounting the ladder to the wall are included. Be sure to find out how the walls of your house are constructed and then you can talk to your dealer if you need help with finding the right solution.
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    This foldable escape ladder with 400 mm wide steps is made from sturdy, weather-resistant aluminium profiles. The surface is anodized in order for it to not stain your hands and clothes. When folded together the rungs are hidden inside the side profiles and the ladder forms a discrete bar on the wall. When the pin is pulled out the ladder can be folded out and is ready for use. Wall attachments and locking pin are included. Ladder divider, joining kit, telescopic wall attachments, safety harness and signs are available as options.


    Escape Ladder 400

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