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    Batten Steps

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    • Available in three colors, all of which are hot-dip galvanized and the colored onces are also powder coated.
    • The steps are 270 mm or 310 mm wide to fit single-lap or double-lap tiles and are available for battens which are 1-inch or 2 inches thick.
    • The arms are made from sturdy flat iron bars that measures 18 x 3 mm.
    • Made from hot dip galvanized steel which makes them extra durable under tough weather conditions.
    • Should always be mounted directly above each other, perpendicular to the ridge of the roof.
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    Robust batten steps that are easily mounted around the batten. The steps build approximately 100 mm above the valley of the roof tiles and is made from 2 mm thick, corrugated mesh to make your climbing extra safe. The batten steps should be placed so that it is approximately 30 cm between the steps. Batten steps are not covered by any standard and may not be used for attaching a lifeline.


    Batten Steps

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