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Safety equipment steel ladders

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  • The standing plate is 400 mm wide and 300 mm deep.
  • The climb protection is 900 mm high and is mounted over the four lowest rungs.
  • Handrails and standing plate can be mounted together with or without other safety equipment.
  • Made from steel with a corrosion protection that at least corresponds to hot-dip galvanizing according to SS-EN ISO 1461.
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Equip your wall ladder with a standing plate, handrails and climb protection to make the use safer and more comfortable. With a standing plate you get a large step with a coarse anti-slip pattern to step on in the transition between the wall ladder and roof. Handrails makes the transition to the roof easier and safer. When both wall and roof ladders and handrails are mounted on a house, bracing is also required to link the handrails and the roof ladders (WTAK SH-RL).


Safety equipment steel ladders

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