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Safety hoop

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  • A safety hoop provides support and security when climbing a wall ladder.
  • Rail length: 900 mm (CC).
  • Diameter hoop: approx. 630 mm.
  • The hoop extension ads 200 mm to the back of the hoop.
  • Made from steel with a corrosion protection that at least corresponds to hot-dip galvanizing according to SS-EN ISO 1461.
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A safety hoop gives you support and security when climbing on permanently mounted wall ladders. We recommend safety hoops at facade heights higher than 4 meters. The Safety hoop consists of hoops that are mounted horizontally out from the ladder at a distance of 0.9 meters apart and they are linked together with vertical rails, five rails between each hoop. Don´t forget that you also need handrails.


Safety hoop

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