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Wall and Roof Steel Ladder

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  • Discreet design that fits many different roof coverings.
  • A ladder width of 450 mm provides plenty of space for comfortable and safe climbing.
  • The first rung starts 15 cm from the end of the side profile.
  • The joining brackets are delivered in pairs, screws and nuts are included.
  • Made from steel with a corrosion protection that at least corresponds to hot-dip galvanizing according to SS-EN ISO 1461.
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Durable steel ladders for fixed mounting on walls and roofs. Suitable as a roof ladder at all heights and as a wall ladder on properties where the facade is a maximum of 8 meters. Can also be used on chimneys and similar constructions without any height restrictions. CE-marked in category C2, which means that it is approved for having a lifeline attached directly in the ladder. Several ladders can be joined together to a suitable length using the joining kits which are purchased separately. Choose between black and metal-colored ladders. The placement of a wall ladder at the top can vary depending on the design of the roof, but in general the top rung should end up about 3 cm above the edge of the roof, or about 10 cm if a standing board is also mounted. The ladder should start 3 m above the ground to prevent unauthorized access, use a leaning ladder to reach it. In a fenced area, the ladders may start at ground level with the first rung about 0.3 m above ground for easy and safe climbing. Mounting packages for mounting on roofs and consoles for mounting on walls are purchased separately. Handrails, standing board and safety hoops are also available as safety equipment.


Wall and Roof Steel Ladder

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