Safe work at height

The importance of ladder safety cannot be overemphasised. If you’ve ever had a bad fall when playing a sport or just out for a walk, you know that the speed of your falling body and the vulnerability of its parts—your limbs, your head—can result in pain and serious injury upon impact. This danger is greatly multiplied when you are at height.

Safe work at heightsSafe work at heights

Safety awareness and common sense

Safe ladder use requires risk awareness, good habits and common sense. First and foremost, never be in a hurry. Speed and convenience are often at odds with ladder safety. Rushing things or taking shortcuts, such as opting to “make do” with the ladder at hand rather than selecting the right ladder for the task, is the cause of a great many mishaps and ladder injuries.

You can have a high-quality ladder from Wibe Ladders, but if a given task has you setting up on uneven ground without the proper accessories, working in unusual conditions without sufficient preparation, or extending beyond the maximum working height or task duration, you may be putting yourself and your job at risk.